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Language do not match between Angular and MVC #1455

christophe.baille created

ABP Framework version: v4.3.2 UI type: Angular DB provider: EF Core Tiered (MVC) or Identity Server Separated (Angular): no

NOTE: One of my colleague created a similar issue here which have been successfully resolved on the release 4.3.2.

We open our application and change the language from english to Finnish. Then we click on login, this page is still in Finnish now since the version 4.3.2 (read the Not before), then login. I reach my Angualr Homepage and it is still in Finnish.

Now, I try reach a MVC view, in my case it is a page from the Blogging module, I then see my MVC page is is English, it should be in Finnish as we changed it previously.

With version before 4.3.2, we had this issue for all views that we can reach from the user menu as they were in MVC.Since 4.3.2, they are in Angular, so I can not test if that part have been fixed or not.

One more point which might help to solve the issue. When we logout, we "transit" through the page /Account/LoggedOut and this one remain in english too:

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    Mehmet created
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    We've created an internal issue. Thanks for the reporting.