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Angular TypeAhead not working #1609

paul.harriman created
  • ABP Framework version: v4.3.3

  • UI type: Angular

  • DB provider: EF Core

  • Tiered (MVC) or Identity Server Separated (Angular): no

  • Exception message and stack trace:

  • Steps to reproduce the issue:"

  • i created a new project using the cmd: abp new Angular.TypeAhead -t app-pro -u angular --mobile none --database-provider ef -csf

  • in suite I create 2 entities Author and Book

  • i create a navigational property from Book to Author

  • I run the project add an Author and then try and add a book

  • I can see items are brought in Chrome DevTools back when I type into the authors fields, but no choices are displayed

  • If I change the typeahead to a dropdown in suite and then go back into books, i can select the author and save the item.

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    bunyamin created
    Support Team


    This is a bug related to the CSS loading order. We will fix it in version 4.4.0 final. The question is refunded. Thanks for reporting.

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    bunyamin created
    Support Team

    The fix has been merged into the framework. You can apply the same fix temporarily in your project.

    Add the following CSS to styles.scss

    ngb-typeahead-window.dropdown-menu {
        z-index: 1050;