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CRUD Page Generator doesn't generate DbContext #17

AlainLeicht created


I'm trying tu use the CRUD page generator on a module created with the abp cli. When I add a new Entity, I get errors. First, the generator is missing the Permissions folder in the Application Contracts project (fixed by renaming from Authorization). Also the Consts in the Domain Shared project need to be renamed.

Then everything gets generated, except the DbContext and DbContextModelCreatingExtensions. If the Application was created using abp suite web page, everything works fine.

What am I missing here?

Best regards, Alain

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    yekalkan created
    Support Team

    CRUD page generator is not designed to work with module template. But that is in our plans.

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    trendline created

    when can support module template?

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    albert created
    Support Team

    there's no exact date but it's on the roadmap (short term)