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Replaceable Components #1978

bozkan created

The documentation at says

You can replace some ABP components with your custom components.

I wonder what components are replacable exactly? Is there a list of replacable components/pages? Or how can I verify that a built-in component/page is replacable.

For instance, I wonder if the following UIs are replacable?

  • Organization Unit management page
  • Users detail page - Organization selection tab
  • User list page

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    bunyamin created
    Support Team


    That's a good question, I guess we haven't made that clear. We will update the docs and plan to work on a better API.

    For now, I can give you a hint of how to find which components are replaceable. Every ABP package exports an enum that contains the name of the replaceable components. To discover them, you can simply look at the node_modules. E.g. The @volo/ package marks the following components as replaceable