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Used BouncyCastle package for Cryptography needs ? #2

talhazengin created


We noticed that Bouncy.Castle package ( used in many more place in the commercial system.

But this package restricted to normal .net framework. The rest whole system built upon .net core.

So can't we consider an alternative package or solution for the needs? For example "System.Security.Cryptography" .net core library.

Thank you abp team.

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    albert created
    Support Team

    This has been already addressed in We're waiting a PR to resolve the issue. On the other, this library works cross-platform even with this version. All the methods we use works on Linux,Mac and Windows. It doesn't break cross-platform functionality. But anyway we'll fix that issue as soon as possible.

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    ServiceBot created
    Support Team

    package updated in the next release v2.0.1.