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Abp Commercial Text Template Module #2620

balessi75 created

Abp Commercial / 5.1.3/ EF / Blazor Server / Non-tiered

Hi - We updated the default text for the email confirmation text template with the word "test"...

...however, when we send an email during registration of a new user, the Abp default text gets emailed not our saved text of "test". Is there another configuration step to override the default email confirmation text? It is not clear from the documentation.

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    maliming created
    Support Team


    You can set the Layout to null of the AccountEmailTemplates.EmailConfirmationLink

    public class DemoTemplateDefinitionProvider : TemplateDefinitionProvider
          public override void Define(ITemplateDefinitionContext context)
                context.GetOrNull(AccountEmailTemplates.EmailConfirmationLink).Layout = null;