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Bugs & Issues v5.2.X #2777

alper created
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To update both ABP CLI and ABP Suite to the latest preview, run the following command:

dotnet tool update -g Volo.Abp.Cli --version 5.2.0-* && abp suite update --preview

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    [email protected] created

    It appears when moving from 5.1 and not using the payment module, all change are on blazor ?

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    cstudart created

    Hi all,

    I am using ABP Commercial v6.0.0-rc.4, but I think there is not Bugs & Issues already open for it.

    I am trying to enable OAuth external login via ABP Framework in order to be able to import users.

    I followed the documentation to a enable OAuth. See my configuration below:

    When I try to login using or when I try import users I am getting "External provider authentication failed".

    It is working via postman.