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Angular: can not set json item `application.logoUrl` in `environment.ts` file ,it dose not working #280

gexiaoxu created
  • ABP Framework version: v3.0.1
  • UI type: Angular
  • Tiered (MVC) or Identity Server Seperated (Angular): no
  • Exception message and stack trace: can not set json item application.logoUrl in environment.ts file ,it dose not working
  • Steps to reproduce the issue:

''' export const environment = { production: false, application: { name: 'AuthServer', logoUrl:'' }, oAuthConfig: { issuer: 'http://localhost:44318', clientId: 'AuthServer_App', dummyClientSecret: '1q2w3e*', scope: 'AuthServer offline_access', showDebugInformation: true, oidc: false, requireHttps: false, }, apis: { default: { url: 'http://localhost:44318', }, }, localization: { defaultResourceName: 'AuthServer', } }; '''

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    Mehmet created
    Support Team

    Hi @gexiaoxu

    application.logoUrl property is not working with ABP Commercial app. You should replace the logos in the assets/images/logo with your logos without changing the file names to change the logo. See the description about lepton theme logos