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Access Cms pages in the Web project instead of Web.Public Project #3068

sukhdeep.dhillon created
  • ABP Framework version: v5.2.1
  • UI type: MVC
  • DB provider: EF Core

As I have installed the CMS PRO module in the existing application where I only have web project. I don't have web.public project in the existing application which usually gets created --with-public-website flag.

first of all, may I know how web and web.public projects are different. There is no documentation related to web.public project.

how can I see the pages created thru CMS module in the web project, instead of web.public project.

Plus, as I have also installed the Forms module and I can see the forms in the** web project.**

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    enisn created
    Support Team

    Hi @sukhdeep.dhillon

    You can access it via installing Volo.CmsKit.Pro.Public.* nuget packages to your project.

    In that case, you have a single application, So you should install the following packages:

    • Volo.CmsKit.Pro.Public.Application to your Cao.AbpPoc.Application
    • Volo.CmsKit.Pro.Public.Application.Contracts to your Cao.AbpPoc.Application.Contracts
    • Volo.CmsKit.Pro.Public.Domain to your Cao.AbpPoc.Domain
    • Volo.CmsKit.Pro.Public.Domain.Shared to your Cao.AbpPoc.Domain.Shared
    • Volo.CmsKit.Pro.Public.EntityFrameworkCore to your Cao.AbpPoc.EntityFrameworkCore
    • Volo.CmsKit.Pro.Public.HttpApi to your Cao.AbpPoc.HttpApi
    • Volo.CmsKit.Pro.Public.HttpApi.Client to your Cao.AbpPoc.HttpApi.Client
    • Volo.CmsKit.Pro.Public.Web to your Cao.AbpPoc.Web

    And don't forget to add [DependsOn] attributes for each project.

    Also, instead of installing both Admin and Public packages, you can convert Admin package references to unified one.

    In example, Convert Volo.CmsKit.Pro.Admin.Application to Volo.CmsKit.Pro.Application


    Convert [DependsOn(typeof(CmsKitProAdminApplicationModule )] to [DependsOn(typeof(CmsKitProApplicationModule )]

    Make sure each layer has been converted.

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    sukhdeep.dhillon created

    Thank you