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Error when trying to use abp generateproxy -t ng -m identity #3092

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learnabp created
  • ABP Framework version: v5.2.2

  • UI type: Angular

  • DB provider: EF Core

  • Tiered (MVC) or Identity Server Separated (Angular): no

  • Steps to reproduce the issue:"

  1. Create a new angular solution
  2. Go into Angular folder and try generating proxy using abp generate-proxy -t ng -m identity

getting the below error

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    liangshiwei created
    Support Team Fullstack Developer


    We created an issue for this:

    You can try specifying the url parameter

    eg : abp generate-proxy -t ng -m identity -u https://localhost:44305

    BTW, your ticket refunded

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    learnabp created

    Why do i still get a warning [16:35:30 WRN] Couldn't determinate version of "@abp/ng.schematics" package. ?

    looks like the generation is fine

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    muhammedaltug created


    The warning message is wrong we fixed and it will be available in the next versions thanks for reporting

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