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Customize existing ASP.Net Core MVC Pages and Services #33

GrannyWeasel created

I'm trying to move development from Zero to abp Commercial but not sure how to move some existing pages. For example, the login page (and register, forgot password pages etc.) has been redesigned thus:

I've also added a new tab (Companies) to the "Edit User" popup to allow selection of Companies associated with the User (a new table, UserCompany links a Company table to the AbpUsers table) i.e.

I've also added 2 new fields to the AbpUsers table that need to editable and saved when a User's detail are changed.

My question therefore is, how do I amend/override those page layouts to use my designs, and also how do I update the posted data to update the database? Is this possible with the Team edition, or do I have to spend another $3,000 updating my license?

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    maliming created
    Support Team

    The comments below may help you.

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    GrannyWeasel created

    Thanks for the reply. In your response to the issue in your link you said "If you want a major design & code change for a module, I suggest you to get the source code into your solution, remove the nuget package references and customize it based on your requirements."

    I tried downloading the source from but the Edit User modal and login page look different to the pages in my commercial edition. Where do I hook into the commercial version?


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    maliming created
    Support Team

    There is a "modules" page in abp suite. You can download from there.

    And abp cli get-source cmmand to get the source code.

      abp get-source <module-name> [options]
    -o|--output-folder <output-folder>          (default: current folder)
    -v|--version <version>                      (default: latest version)
      abp get-source Volo.Blogging
      abp get-source Volo.Blogging -o d:\my-project
    See the documentation for more info:
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    GrannyWeasel created

    I downloaded some of the modules as suggested, thank you, but they look like they are the open source versions/layouts of the code rather that the commercial layouts. For example, selecting the language from the login page does not appear to be in the html code I downloaded.

    Is this correct? If so, how do I get the code to amend the layouts and the code?

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    albert created
    Support Team

    hi Kevin,

    For the Team License it has a limited customization.


    Team: Your solution uses the modules and the themes as NuGet and NPM packages. It doesn't include their source code. In this way, you can easily upgrade these modules and themes whenever a new version is available. However, you can not get the source code of the modules and the themes.

    For the commercial modules, to customize the UI, you need the *.cshtml files to overwrite them.

    See my Gist for replacing \Themes\Lepton\Layouts\Account\Default.cshtml view

    But if you need to customize other commercial parts, it's better to obtain the Business or Enterprise license.