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How to configure the microservices application to use Language Management Module #3311

renata.mendes created

**ABP Framework version: v5.1.4

UI type: Blazor Server

DB provider: EF Core**


How can I to configure the application to get strings localization from database? Currently, the application is getting from resource file and in the ABP framework documentation it doesn't explain how this change is made.

Can you help, please? Thank you

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    gterdem created
    Support Team

    You can use Language management as a different microservice. There is Extracting a Module as Microservice guide showing the Audit Logging module in particular however you can use the similar steps for other modules as well.

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    renata.mendes created

    Thank you for your reply. After further analysing microservice template, I realised that the Language management module is already inserted in Administration service.

    Languages Menu

    Language Texts Menu

    Language Texts Table

    The database table to Languague has all data that appears in the Languague Menu, but the Languague Text table is empty. Where does texts that appears in the Languague Text Menu come from and how do I can add others?