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LeptonX MVC customization (login, settings, translation) #3473

simix.markus created

Hi, we are implementing the LeptonX theme (MVC, 5.3.2) and have 3 issues:

  1. Login image: How to change the login backgroung image? We try create the file in same path /Themes/LeptonX/Global/assets/img/login-bg.jpg but didn't change. We find a example in Angular (authLayoutImg) but not a equivalent in MVC.

2) Full width by default: How do we set Full width? We didn't find any options in the LeptonXThemeOptions and LeptonXThemeMvcOptions.

3) Translation: How do we find the keys to translate "Filter Menu" and the Settings menu?


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    cdrudge created

    Join the club waiting. Looks like we get nothing for now until they figure out how to share source code. It's not like they've had over a year to figure this out...