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How to show 'Linked accounts' modal of ABP commercial in my custom template #3553

abpfintranet-1 created

Hi In front side we use our own template and menu, so I want to put its "Linked account" menu in our menu. The problem here is that when we click on 'Linked accounts' menu, it shows a modal and does not route to another address. If it was routing, I could use its route but I must show that modal, and I could not see anything in angular code about that menu. So how can I show that 'Linked accouts' modal in my custom template? abp version 5.3.3 ng version 14.0.3

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    abpfintranet-1 created

    It passed 7 days and there is no answer! Why?!

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    muhammedaltug created
    Support Team


    Sorry for the latency in answering your question. You can do it by injecting OPEN_MY_LINK_USERS_MODAL token and executing injected function.


    import { Component, Inject } from '@angular/core';
    import { OPEN_MY_LINK_USERS_MODAL } from '@volo/';
    /*Component Metadata*/
    export class MyComponent {
        @Inject(OPEN_MY_LINK_USERS_MODAL) public openMyLinkUsersModal: () => void
      ) {}
    <!-- My Component Template -->
    <button class="btn btn-primary" click="openMyLinkUsersModal()"> Open LinkUsersModal </button>