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Authorization Issue in Tiered App #3612

rsg160 created
  • ABP Framework version: v5.3.3
  • UI type: MVC
  • DB provider: EF Core
  • Tiered (MVC) or Identity Server Separated (Angular): yes
  • Exception message and stack trace: "You are not Authenticated! You should sign in to perform this operation"
  • Steps to reproduce the issue:"

I was following the instructions in the tutorial (section: Authorization), Once Applied to the BookStoreAppService the policies, //GetPolicyName = BookStorePermissions.Books.Default; //GetListPolicyName = BookStorePermissions.Books.Default; //CreatePolicyName = BookStorePermissions.Books.Create; //UpdatePolicyName = BookStorePermissions.Books.Edit; //DeletePolicyName = BookStorePermissions.Books.Delete;

my web app is unable to consume the exposed API and shows the message in the picture. I wonder if I need to add some permission to the client app or something like that, should I be adding any configuration via UI? Important to highlight this is a tiered app

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    maliming created
    Support Team


    Can you share the full steps to reproduce the issue? or a project [email protected]