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Class name of AppService does not match filename #3623

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ageiter created
  • ABP Framework version: v5.3.0

  • UI type: Blazor

  • DB provider: EF Core

  • Steps to reproduce the issue:"

  1. Use ABP Suite to generate entities
  2. Generate any entity (with backend selected)
  • Problem / Bug:"

The file name of the AppService class is named in singular, but the class itself is named in plural.

Example: Entity "Country":

  • Class name: CountriesAppService
  • Filename: CountryAppService.cs

This should match. Probably rather singular (CountryAppService).

Thanks, Adrian

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    yekalkan created
    Support Team

    Hi @ageiter,

    Thanks for reporting. We'll fix it.

    I've refunded your question credit.

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