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Angular problem, SAAS cant change edition on tenant after edition is set #3778

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We are having a problem when using payments and subscriptions through google and apple. When these editions ends and we try to change a edition manually in the angular application there seem to be an error. Because no editions shows up in the dropdown. Like in the pictures. If I look in the database the user still has an edition and enddate. But if I try to change on a user who doesnt have any edition or enddate it works as expected.

If I set an edition to a tenant by myself the tenant doesnt get an expire date. And then I can change to what ever again. So after my testing the problem seem to be connected with the expire date.

From Eric, Webking

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    Hi @webking-abp1

    The field named EditionEndDateUtc is used together with webhook responses by Payment module. It can be configured like below:

    So, If there is an EditionEndDateUtc data, that means that tenant achieved that edition with a payment and it can be only changed by a payment provider like canceling payment or renewing payments, or a refund. So, updating EditionEndDateUtc manually brings other responsibilities like updating it on each payment status change.

    Managing EditionEndDateUtc is not recommended by us and I recommend you use a new field to manage your logic. You can use Object Extensions to define new properties to the Tenant entity.

    You can still use the existing EditionEndDateUtc property but you should get its responsibility and update it on each payment action.

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