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Initial migration does not supplied any seed data ? #4

talhazengin created


I am not sure the problem is in my side but,

Now i created a template solution from abp suite and made Update-Database from package manager console. When i looked to database, i can't see any data on tables. Thus project does not works as expected. Maybe i am doing something wrong but it says migration succesfull and i used -Verbose mode.

Abp CLI 2.0.1 Abp Suite 2.0.1

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    talhazengin created

    Hi again,

    When i run db migrations from the console project "DbMigrator" it supplied seed data.

    But should not we use the Package Manager Console?


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    yekalkan created
    Support Team

    Running DbMigrator updates the database and seeds data. Running update-database command on Package Manager Console only updates the database.

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    trendline created

    how to do db migration for a module application?the module application template not included a db migtator project