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How to log data received with Abp EventBus RabbitMq Module? #4084

Teknosol created
  • ABP Framework version: v6.0.0
  • UI type: Angular*
  • Project Startup Template: Application Module
  • DB provider: EF Core

We transfer data between services using Distributed Event Bus(AbpEventBusRabbitMqModule).

Although Audit Logging is active in the listening service, no logs are kept in the AbpAuditLogs tables after data is transferred. (AbpAuditLogs,AbpEntityChanges,EntityPropertyChanges tables).

When we enter data from Swagger in the listener service, logs are kept.

How can we log data from rabbitmq?

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    maliming created
    Support Team


    The AbpEventBusRabbitMqModule will not write logs into Audit Logging , You can log data in your event handler.