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RabbitMQ Consumer Handler does not work #4419

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saad.aldulaijan created

I am trying to subscribe from (Core.Notifications) to an event sent by (FirstClientApp), however it is not working These are the steps I have followed:


  1. Package installed : Volo.Abp.EventBus.RabbitMQ

  2. appsettings.json:

  3. In FirstClientApp.HttpApi.Host --> FirstClientAppHttpApiHostModule.cs , I added the following: [DependsOn(typeof(AbpEventBusRabbitMqModule))]

  4. In FirstClient.Application --> ProductsAppService.cs I injected IDistributedEventBus , then used it on CreateAsync method like this:

await _distributedEventBus.PublishAsync(new ProductEto(product.Id, product.Name, product.Description, product.Price, product.FileId));


  1. Package installed: Volo.Abp.EventBus.RabbitMQ

  2. appsettings.json

  3. In Core.Notifications.HttpApi.Host --> NotificationsHttpApiHostModule.cs, I added the following: [DependsOn(typeof(AbpEventBusRabbitMqModule))]

  4. I added the following class on Core.Notifications.Application:

Breakpoint never hit.


What am I missing ??

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    saad.aldulaijan created

    Solution is to have shared library between the services. ETO must be exactly the same.

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