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Need to add validation messages for Add Tenant #4422

dev3.advantiss created

Need to add validation messages for Add Tenant form as on Add User form If click Save on empty user form I will get error messages

but on empty Add Tenant form button Save disables, and users can not get information for incorrect fields

I removed code for disabling button, but I could not get any messages from field validations I used Volo.Identity.Pro How I can do this in best way?

  • ABP Framework version: v5.3.3
  • UI type: Angular
  • DB provider: MongoDB
  • Tiered (MVC) or Identity Server Separated (Angular): yes

Thank you. Best regards Advantiss.

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    mahmut.gundogdu created
    Support Team

    That validation message was shown when the form was submitted. As an example, when you focused the input, you might press enter.

    That changed in the newer version of ABP. My suggestion is that you should update your ABP version. You should change the button type to "submit." Add a value form's id attribute. Set this id to the submit button's form attribute. Then your save code should be in (ngSubmit)="save()"