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Angular UI Login Page Missing Menu Items #5

talhazengin created


When we login for the admin, encountered missing menu items.

When we create a template using embedded identity server, we can see the menu items. (not separate) But when we are using separate identity server, this problem occurs.

Are there any missing claims in the database ?

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    Mehmet created
    Support Team


    Can you clear the local storage and session storage?

    When you logged in, the token response is stored in the local storage. When you create a new solution, you should clear the browser storage.

    If this suggestion will not solve the problem, please share application-configuration response with us.

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    talhazengin created

    Hi again,

    The problem is not related about local storage. Source of the problem is about IIS Express localhost Certificate

    Run this command under folder C:\Program Files\IIS Express; IisExpressAdminCmd .exe setupSslUrl -url:"https://localhost:44385" -UseSelfSigned to add a new certificate for the specified url.

    If anyone encounters the problem, just change the url in the command for your needs.

    For your information, Talha Zengin