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Multiple Database support #6

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We wish to support multiple databases, both oracle using the devart driver and SQL Server. The current depends on EntityFrameworkCoreModule depends on AbpEntityFrameworkCoreSqlServerModule. We wish to be able to switch between oracle and sql server using a configuration setting in the appsettings.json. 1. If we remove the AbpEntityFrameworkCoreSqlServerModule module and change the Configure<AbpDbContextOptions>(options => { options.UseSqlServer(); } to options.UseOracle(); will this just work. 2. Can we change this setting to if(dbType == "Oracle") { options.UseSqlServer(); } else { options.UseOracle(); } 3. The current geenrated EntityFrameworkCoreModule depends on AbpEntityFrameworkCoreSqlServerModule, If we do this and take out [DependsOn(typeof(AbpEntityFrameworkCoreSqlServerModule)] will sql server still work? if we leave it will oracle work? 4. I tried changing the table names to snake case, this worked for the migrations but at runtime the modules don't use the conversion. Is it possible to make the modules work with the snake case naming convension.

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    hikalkan created
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    1. options.UseSqlServer() is an extension method defined in the package and there is no Oracle package. However, Volo.Abp.EntityFrameworkCore.SqlServer is just a simple wrapper. See to understand how to directly use DBMS extension method. This is for MySQL, but will be similar for Oracle too.
    2. Yes. You can have both SQL Server and Oracle nuget package references and call the extension method(s) conditionally.
    3. Yes, in current code AbpEntityFrameworkCoreSqlServerModule is an empty module. But I suggest to remove the related NuGet package when you remove a DependsOn dependency, as a good practice.
    4. See

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