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Angular UI Menu Not able to see menu items #63

wazbek created


I am having an issue adding a menu item at the same level as the "Administration" (AbpUiNavigation::Menu:Administration) menu item with child items that will be part of a lazy loaded module?

I have looked at the following github issues and the docs but there is no comprehensive documentation explaining how to achieve what I need to.

I have also had a look at the source code and tried various things from there in my code. ie using addAbpRoutes but still no luck.

Can I please get some info or code examples on how to achieve this?


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    alper created

    This shows how you can add a menu item

    Add this to App.component

    import { AddRoute } from '@abp/ng.core';
    import { Store } from '@ngxs/store';
    // ...
    constructor(private store: Store){}
    ngOnInit() {[
      new AddRoute({
        name: 'Your Custom Page',
        path: 'your-path',
        parentName: 'AbpUiNavigation::Menu:Administration',
        order: 0,
      new AddRoute({
        name: 'Child 1',
        path: '',
        parentName: 'Your Custom Page',
        order: 1,
      new AddRoute({
        name: 'Child 2',
        path: 'child',
        parentName: 'Your Custom Page',
        order: 2,

    After that, it'll be as shown below

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    wazbek created

    Hi alper

    Thanks, I am now able to see hard coded menu items.

    Can you please provide an example of how this works with routes defined in a lazy module and then loaded in the app routing module via loadChildren?

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    Mehmet created


    You can learn how to create a module and add a element to the menu, on the BookStore tutorial. See

    I created a gist for all steps. See