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BUG in Swagger, ChildDataGrid endpoint doesn't follow api route convention #7485

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rafael.gonzales created
  • ABP Framework version: v8.2.0
  • UI Type: MVC
  • Database System: EF Core (MySQL)
  • Tiered (for MVC) or Auth Server Separated (for Angular): no
  • Steps to reproduce the issue:
  • Create an entity using ABP Suite
  • Create a child entity from the previous one.
  • Browse the /swagger page in your solution

The main entity generated gets a "ChildDataGrid" endpoint that is not customized with the "/api/app" default prefix and can't be customized with an override "ConventionalRouteBuilder" class.

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    rafael.gonzales created

    Found the issue,

    the generated Controller from ABP Suite only adds a basic route like the following

    public class ClientsController : AbpController
        public virtual async Task<PartialViewResult> ChildDataGrid(Guid clientId)
            return PartialView("~/Pages/Shared/Clients/_ChildDataGrids.cshtml", clienteId);

    It makes the AbpServiceConvention class to ignore this part of the code

    If the ConfigureRemoteService method is not initiated, there won't be any URL modification in the route's prefix.

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    maliming created
    Support Team Fullstack Developer

    Thanks. I have refunded your ticket. 👍

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