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How do I consume external Rest API from ABP Commercial? #947

datarebel created

I normally consume jquery API like below, however CORS is preventing this from executing outside of my application domain. How do I enable CORS for other domains?

I get this error: Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote resource at .....

`var settings = { 'cache': false, 'dataType': "json", "async": true, "crossDomain": true, "url": "https://

$.ajax(settings).done(function (response) {


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    alper created
    Support Team

    you can use abp.ajax for ajax calls.

    on the other hand if you are getting error from your 3rd party API, you should add your client to that server's granted clients.

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    datarebel created

    Thanks for the response. Is there any way to disable CORS globally or on a per pagemodel view for development testing sake?

    Cheers, Sheldon.