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Multiple claims of the same type are not included when using the IAbpClaimsPrincipalContributor #1056

michael.sudnik created
  • ABP Framework version: v4.2.1
  • UI type: MVC
  • DB provider: MongoDB
  • Tiered (MVC) or Identity Server Separated (Angular): yes
  • Exception message and stack trace:
  • Steps to reproduce the issue:

The AbpUserClaimsPrincipalFactory is using the ClaimsIdentityExtensions.AddIfNotContains extension method, which is not adding any claims of the same type.

What is the best way to replace or override this factory?

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    maliming created
    Support Team

    hi @michael.sudnik

    I will improve this feature, You can override AbpUserClaimsPrincipalFactory service for now.

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    ServiceBot created
    Support Team

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