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Hi, it is working after updating this in code

Great. 👍


You need to call the base method to logout

// Ask ASP.NET Core Identity to delete the local and external cookies created
// when the user agent is redirected from the external identity provider
// after a successful authentication flow (e.g Google or Facebook).
await SignInManager.SignOutAsync();

// Returning a SignOutResult will ask OpenIddict to redirect the user agent
// to the post_logout_redirect_uri specified by the client application or to
// the RedirectUri specified in the authentication properties if none was set.
return SignOut(authenticationSchemes: OpenIddictServerAspNetCoreDefaults.AuthenticationScheme);

It will redirect to post_logout_redirect_uri, you can redirect to externalLogout in your post_logout_redirect_uri.

If you can share a simple project, I can download and check it.


Add ReplaceControllers attribute.

public class MyLogoutController : LogoutController
    public override Task<IActionResult> GetAsync()
        return base.GetAsync();


It's not like that at the moment, but I will give feedback to the team.


What's your license type?

You can download the source if you have business license.

I have refunded your ticket.

: )


Redirect URI Mismatch Error: If the new tenant URL is not added to these lists, we receive an error indicating a mismatch of redirect URIs, preventing login and logout operations.

Please share the logs of this case, Thanks.


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