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Can't run Admin Web (IdentityServer) in http #1119

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  • ABP Framework version: v4.2.2
  • UI type: MVC
  • DB provider: EF Core
  • Tiered (MVC) or Identity Server Separated (Angular): no
  • Exception message and stack trace: No
  • Steps to reproduce the issue:

**** I can't run Admin web (contain IdentityServer) in http. This project only run in https.

  1. User abp-suite to generate project.
  2. Change htpps to http in launchSettings.json (https://localhost:44312 => http://localhost:44312) Change https to http in launchSettings.json (https://localhost:44312 => http://localhost:44312)
  3. Start project Admin web (with http).
  4. Display Login page, login. After login, display web with status no login.

Pls support!

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    maliming created
    Support Team


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    devteam created

    Thanks maliming, it works!

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