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ABP SUITE supporting N:M & N:1 relationships #1873

cleverplatform created

I have question about supporting these relationships from suite - currently i need to buid them manually and when I changing related entities code is re-wrote (im solving that by using partial classes). Would be really nice to have prepared these missing parts which reflect normal application developemnt I saw roadmap that these features will be maybe included in upcomming releases - have any rough idea when and if they will be included ? Erik

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    hakan.uskaner created

    Hi Erik, i did also open an isssue exactly for that in the past at abp github.. I am also looking for that feature. Besides that, we should able to choose all types of properties (including Guid, TimeSpan, DateTimeOffSet, List<Enitites> ...) all possíble hopefully..

    i did not find any informations about the roadmap of abp suite. Would be nice if there is a link.. I am following the milestones at github, but could find especiily for abp suite something like what is planned in future..

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    Emanuele.Filardo created

    Hi, in v5 based on .net 6 I think that new types Date and Time should be added

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    cleverplatform created

    Hi Hakan, I found only info here; "More code generation / developer assistance features for the ABP Suite" - so I don't know what is hidden behind that backlog Item, and I meant that can be exactly to build there relationships generation.


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    hakan.uskaner created

    Hi all, i did try It seems to work for basic properties (also Guid etc) and but struggles with blazor (was searching for a web app).. i was already thinking about to copy that code and build a light version only for patching propertytypes after abp creation, to be able to at least use Guid and other simple types. That way i dont need to wait till abp updates the abp suite.. This is on their roadmap, but when it will be released and what will be exactly included is unclear.

    I need to rebuild while developing often my entities. so its annoying to change manually everytime the needed propertypes.. Handling relationships is the same.