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In the 8.0.0 version of Abp Suite with the new version of EntityFramework that supports the DateOnly and TimeOnly types, it would be useful to add them to the list of types that can be used to create a property in an entity.

GUID too

if someone has startup issue with MAUI Mobile for Android see this

Your suggestion solve this issue for Android release build, removing all {ext:Translate... }from XAML allow app to start on work as expected. I had thought about localization, but I had only checked that the server was responding to requests, I hadn't thought about removing it from the app.

So this is a bug in ABP MAUI only for Android... I've wasted many hours and days looking for the reason, next time I'll ask first. Even if I have many unused questions, if it is possible the refund would be appreciated :-)

Hi, simply create new solution with ABP Suite, launch an instance of Blazor Server and another for Android version of MAUI Mobile in "Release" build config:

  1. use adb reverse and remove #if DEBUG to use InsecureHandler for localhost;
  2. or change setting to use a production running version of ABP;

I have same problem on different PC with last version of VS 2022. As I said I have tried to disable AOT, Trimming, repair/restore/update workloads, clear nuget cache, bin/odj folders, reset emulator. Same issue in phisycal device.

My emulator logcat

  • ABP Framework version: v7.4.0 / 7.4.1 (7.3.2 no issue)
  • UI type: Blazor Server + MAUI mobile
  • DB provider: EF Core
  • Tiered (MVC) or Identity Server Separated (Angular): no
  • Exception message and stack trace: no exception only stuck on splash screen when build Android in Release mode, no issue on Debug.
  • Steps to reproduce the issue:" create new solution with ABP SUITE with 7.4.1

I have tried to disable AOT, Trimming, repair/restore/update workloads

No issue with iOS

Hi, there is an issue in MAUI Android, ThemeManager doesnt change theme in dialog, you have to add the following line:

public class ThemeManager : ISingletonDependency
    private readonly IStorage _storage;

    public ThemeManager(IStorage storage)
        _storage = storage;

    public async Task<AppTheme> GetAppThemeAsync()
        var storedTheme = await _storage.GetAsync(GeSAConsts.Settings.Theme);

        if (!storedTheme.IsNullOrEmpty())
            return Enum.Parse<AppTheme>(storedTheme);

        return AppTheme.Unspecified;

    public async Task SetAppThemeAsync(AppTheme theme)
        App.Current!.UserAppTheme = theme;


        await _storage.SetAsync(GeSAConsts.Settings.Theme, theme.ToString());

    private static void HandleAndroidDialogTheme()
        AndroidX.AppCompat.App.AppCompatDelegate.DefaultNightMode = App.Current!.UserAppTheme switch
            AppTheme.Light => AndroidX.AppCompat.App.AppCompatDelegate.ModeNightNo,
            AppTheme.Dark => AndroidX.AppCompat.App.AppCompatDelegate.ModeNightYes,
            AppTheme.Unspecified => AndroidX.AppCompat.App.AppCompatDelegate.ModeNightFollowSystem,
            _ => AndroidX.AppCompat.App.AppCompatDelegate.ModeNightFollowSystem

HTH :-)

Basic commercial license less expensive with only Pro module license without ABP SUITE.

ALL Pro modules for Blazor Server / WASM

Built-in abp upgrade system, maybe using partial class or virtual methods for customer's customizations.

No more file compare with windiff or git compare

GUID properties type

SQL Server has `uniqueidentifier' - or did you mean something else?

Sorry, in ABP Suite there isn't GUID type in "Define property" mask

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