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[6.0.0-rc.2] Blazor Server using Lepton Theme getting 500.30 Error #3555

GrannyWeasel created
  • ABP Framework version: v6.0.0-rc.2
  • UI type: Blazor Server
  • DB provider: EF Core
  • Tiered (MVC) or Identity Server Separated (Angular): no

I've tried to create a new Application using Blazor Server but get a 500.30 error. Creating the application using LeptonX Theme works good but if I select the Lepton theme I get the error.

Thank you for your help.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create new Application selecting Blazor Server and original Lepton Theme (not LeptonX)
  • Allow suite to create initial data
  • Open solution in Visual Studio
  • Run Solution

Contents of log.txt

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    liangshiwei created
    Support Team


    I will check it.

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    liangshiwei created
    Support Team


    It's a problem, we will fix it in the next patch version. BTW, your ticket was refunded.

    For now,you can try: