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ABP Suite install problem. How can I reinstall? (clean install) #414

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ABP Framework version: v3.1.1 Would you please provide guidance on why I am unable to install ABP Suite v3.1.1. Here are the steps taken:

Step 1: dotnet tool install -g volo.abp.cli (Success)

Step 2: abp login <username> -p <password> (Success)

Step 3: abp suite install (Error below)

Reported here

How to perform an ABP Suite clean install?


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    alper created
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    ABP Suite clean install steps:

    1. Remove ABP Suite
      Ensure that ABP Suite is not running! You can also restart your computer to avoid running in a background process.
    abp suite remove

    you can also use:

    dotnet tool uninstall --global Volo.Abp.Suite

    See also

    1. Delete the Suite installation directory:

    for Windows:


    for MAC:


    1. Install ABP Suite
    abp suite install

    you can also use

    dotnet tool install -g Volo.Abp.Suite -add-source***your-api-key-here***/v3/index.json

    don't forget to replace the ***your-api-key*** with yours if you are using the dotnet tool install command. You can find your API key in the NuGet.config of your solution.

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    Tried the above process. Same error. I saw there was a new version of the CLI out, so tried to update that and got the same error. So I tried to remove it all and start from scratch with the same error:

    I'm now not even able to debug the .net core project since remove abp cli.

    [Edit] I was able to get cli reinstalled by specifying the version. But still can't get suite to install.

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    I was able to install suite by specifying the NuGet.Config File in the asp-net folder of the solution. Not sure how it got out of sync. I did this by: dotnet tool install -g Volo.Abp.Suite --configfile "{file path to solution}\aspnet-core\NuGet.Config"

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    the problem is you have added "" source to the top of your sources. it's better to keep the official nuget server on top of all other sources.

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