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this topic is not for technical questions. we are trying to keep this topic clean with only support enhancements.


It sometimes happens to all online systems. In the past, GitHub was down, was down. So better copy all your local Nuget cache into your own server and add this server as an alternative NuGet source. by doing so, you'll always reach your packages even if there's a problem with or

Answer is online


you can track the recent status at


we are working on it. probably will be fixed 1-2 hours. you can track the status at

@hinairusu send the JSON files so we can try to reproduce the same entities here.

Abp studio license is not provided in your license plan. This an extra tool which is not stated in any ABP Licenses. Abp studio will have a separate license rules.

Can you add information about the template used to create the solution and maybe a "Create another" dropdown option so I don´t have to wonder about this every time I create a new solution.

I use this when I do version updates. What I will do is to create another "compare" solution and then use BeyoundCompare to compare all the files and see if there are some other changes or best practises I want to move over also.

I created an internal issue in our system

Here are my suggestions to enhance the Audit Logs UI

Possible Enhancements

  • All "40x" and "50x" error selections andmulti-select ...

yes it's good feature. I created internal issue for this

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