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This has been already addressed in We're waiting a PR to resolve the issue. On the other, this library works cross-platform even with this version. All the methods we use works on Linux,Mac and Windows. It doesn't break cross-platform functionality. But anyway we'll fix that issue as soon as possible.

there's no exact date but it's on the roadmap (short term)



I've created a gist tutorial to show how to customize the current login view

There's an enum for Lepton styles. You can use it in backend


To change the lepton theme style you can use appsettings.json

  "ConnectionStrings": {
    "Default": "Server=localhost;Database=TestDatabase;Trusted_Connection=True;MultipleActiveResultSets=true"
  "Settings": {
    "Volo.Abp.LeptonTheme.Layout.MenuPlacement": "Top",
    "Volo.Abp.LeptonTheme.Style": "Style5",
    "Volo.Abp.LeptonTheme.Layout.Boxed": "True",
    "Volo.Abp.LeptonTheme.Layout.MenuStatus": "AlwaysOpened"

Alternatively you can set it in the database.

Table name: AbpSettings

| Name | Value | ProviderName | | --- | --- | --- | | Volo.Abp.LeptonTheme.Layout.Boxed | True, False | T | | Volo.Abp.LeptonTheme.Layout.MenuPlacement | Top, Left | T | Volo.Abp.LeptonTheme.Style | Style1, Style2, Style3, Style4, Style5 | T | Volo.Abp.LeptonTheme.Layout.MenuStatus | AlwaysOpened or OpenOnHover | T


The demo version is an instance of ABP Commercial Angular template. We have added some custom components for demo. You can create your own demo.


you can use OpenID Connect. See our demo application (Angular client), it calls then makes a request to

See also

hi @trendline,

This is the embedded resource list of the Lepton Theme. You can overwrite them, by creating your own file with the same name and putting it in the same folder.


  • Themes\Lepton\Global\styles\lepton1.css
  • Themes\Lepton\Global\styles\lepton1.min.css
  • Themes\Lepton\Global\styles\lepton2.css
  • Themes\Lepton\Global\styles\lepton2.min.css
  • Themes\Lepton\Global\styles\lepton3.css
  • Themes\Lepton\Global\styles\lepton3.min.css
  • Themes\Lepton\Global\styles\lepton4.css
  • Themes\Lepton\Global\styles\lepton4.min.css
  • Themes\Lepton\Global\styles\lepton5.css
  • Themes\Lepton\Global\styles\lepton5.min.css


  • Pages_ViewImports.cshtml
  • Themes\Lepton_ViewImports.cshtml
  • Themes\Lepton\Components\Content\Alerts\Default.cshtml
  • Themes\Lepton\Components\Content\BreadCrumb\Default.cshtml
  • Themes\Lepton\Components\Content\Title\Default.cshtml
  • Themes\Lepton\Components\Header\Default.cshtml
  • Themes\Lepton\Components\Header\Brand\Default.cshtml
  • Themes\Lepton\Components\Header\ToolBar\Default.cshtml
  • Themes\Lepton\Components\MainMenu\Default.cshtml
  • Themes\Lepton\Components\MainMenu_MenuItem.cshtml
  • Themes\Lepton\Components\Toolbar\LanguageSwitch\Default.cshtml
  • Themes\Lepton\Components\Toolbar\UserMenu\Default.cshtml
  • Themes\Lepton\Layouts\Account\Default.cshtml
  • Themes\Lepton\Layouts\Account_Footer.cshtml
  • Themes\Lepton\Layouts\Application\Default.cshtml
  • Themes\Lepton\Layouts\Application_Footer.cshtml
  • Themes\Lepton\Layouts\Empty\Default.cshtml
  • Views_ViewImports.cshtml
  • Views\Error\401.cshtml
  • Views\Error\403.cshtml
  • Views\Error\404.cshtml
  • Views\Error\500.cshtml
  • Views\Error\DefaultErrorComponent\Default.cshtml
  • Pages\LeptonThemeManagement_ViewImports.cshtml
  • Pages\LeptonThemeManagement\Components\LeptonThemeSettingGroup\Default.cshtml


  • Themes\Lepton\Global\scripts\app.js
  • Themes\Lepton\Global\scripts\chart.js
  • Pages\LeptonThemeManagement\Components\LeptonThemeSettingGroup\Default.js

Eg: To overwrite the Footer view, create your own _Footer.cshml in the following path in your Web project


hi Kevin,

For the Team License it has a limited customization.


Team: Your solution uses the modules and the themes as NuGet and NPM packages. It doesn't include their source code. In this way, you can easily upgrade these modules and themes whenever a new version is available. However, you can not get the source code of the modules and the themes.

For the commercial modules, to customize the UI, you need the *.cshtml files to overwrite them.

See my Gist for replacing \Themes\Lepton\Layouts\Account\Default.cshtml view

But if you need to customize other commercial parts, it's better to obtain the Business or Enterprise license.

Thank you for your feedback @trendline. We'll strongly consider it..

I'm closing the issue. Reopen if your case continues

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