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How can I download the source-code of the framework, Angular packages, theme and pro modules? 📥 #632

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I want to download the ABP Framework, pro modules and theme source-code. Also how can I download the pro Angular NPM packages?

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    1- The ABP Framework is an open-source project. You can download the source-code from its GitHub repository

    2- To download the source-code of pro and free modules, you can use APB Suite. Click Modules menu item and you'll find download links for each module. You can also add the module as a NuGet package or as project reference.

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    Besides, you can use the ABP CLI to download a module source-code. See how to get source via CLI

    Frequently used modules:

    • Volo.Account
    • Volo.AuditLogging
    • Volo.BackgroundJobs
    • Volo.Blogging
    • Volo.Docs
    • Volo.FeatureManagement
    • Volo.Identity
    • Volo.IdentityServer
    • Volo.PermissionManagement
    • Volo.SettingManagement
    • Volo.TenantManagement
    • Volo.Users
    • Volo.Docs.Admin
    • Volo.Account.Pro
    • Volo.AuditLogging.Ui
    • Volo.Identity.Pro
    • Volo.Identityserver.Ui
    • Volo.LanguageManagement
    • Volo.Saas
    • Volo.EmailManagement
    • Volo.LeptonTheme

    Example usage of the module download via ABP CLI:

     abp get-source Volo.Account.Pro

    3- To download the source-code of the Lepton Theme use

    abp get-source Volo.LeptonTheme 

    4- To download the source-code of the Angular packages, download the corresponding module. There's Angular folder inside the package.

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    only Business and Enterprise license types are allowed to download source-code

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