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Hello, i think the functionality is very simple. I want to control the left menu programmatically from the angular code. I have checked the source code. NavbarService is the service that is used internally to control the menu for leptonx theme as i understand. That's why i tried that code to make what i want.

NavBarService is defined in lepton-x core package.

Anyway, so if we come to the main point, is there a way to change the highlighted menu item. And if there is none, since i need the functionality how can i do that? I believe there should be a way to do that. At least i should be able to replace or override a function or service so i can achieve what i want. Cause the functionality is there when i add it through route providers. When i navigate to route it already highlights that menu item.

Nothing over here? No reply?

Hello again, Thank you for the reply. I understand how i can tweak it. But i have some questions cause still i didn't understand the reasons.

It must be working right for the main project since then all configs are based on that project apart from the extra application that you have added.

I didn't understand this part. angular-extra project is using the same server side, and have the same configuration and same nuget packages. How it is different from the angular project? What is it different as configuration wise? Cause registerlocale function is coming from '@volo/'; for both projects? and it has been configuration in app.module.

      registerLocaleFn: registerLocale(),

Hello again, I understand but shouldn't leptonx theme do this in the background? Cause it works on main angular project without any configuration. en-GB is sth already registered on the server side. When you get the languages from the server side, according to me it should find the localization file and shouldn't throw the error. I don't think you should do the default configuration again. For some reason @angular/common/locales are not loaded in the angular-extra project. I want to know why it is not loaded in angular-extra project but loaded in the angular project.

when you look at the image below you can see @angular/common/locales not exists in the resources.

I have prepared the sample app and sent it to the email address. you need to run postgres and redis inside docker container. To do that you can run the powershell file from aspnet-core/etc/docker/run-docker-sideapps.ps1 path.

what i want to achieve, you can see it below. Also i write todo comment inside the project.

Hope this will be enough.

Hello Sumeyye, It took little bit of time, but i managed to create a sample and i have sent it to your email address. You need to run a docker container for postgres and redis to start the backend.

There is a folder angular-extra so you can run it after you start the backend and on your console you should see the error.

I think you totally understand this wrong. Without navigation, I want to achieve the same thing. You are navigating in your example.

or in your example can you add button to books3 page, and change the selected item to Books2 when the button is clicked.

Hello, Maybe you missed the points i am talking about, i want to change the menu item selection programmatically from typescript. Let's say i have another page "Books3 Update Page" For Ex which is not on the left menu items. I want Books3 to be selected when i load the page ("Books3 Update Page"). Can you do that programmatically when the "Books3 Update Page" is loaded.

Hello, yes exactly like that.

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