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Hi, May I know how to modify Service or Repository class without overridden when re-generate the entity & UI via ABP Suite ?

For example: I created and generated 1 entity, says Employee Then I needed to add additional method to the EmployeeAppService and EfCoreEmployeRepository classes. After I added the methods, I needed to add another fields to Employee entity so that I will go to ABP Suite and add those fields. After I successfully regenerated Employee entity, I found that Service and Repository classes are reverted back to original state.

May I know how to handle such situation? Is there any way to extend the service without being overridden?

ABP Version: 5.0.0 DB: SQL Server UI Framework: MVC

Thank you, Edi

Hello abp,

I have done research via documentation and some forums but couldnt make it work to link User entity to a custom entity. In aspnet zero, it was easy to do it.

Can you please let me know how to do it in abp commercial?

Thanks, Edi

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