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Hi, we'll release new patch version on next week tuesday (7/23/2024) I'll share workaround until this day

Hi again, your @angular packages version seems like not normalized can you convert to all @angular/ and @angular- packages to ~15.0.0 and try again please

Can you make ABP (CLI and Suite) version exactly same and try to re-produce error. Because I couldn't produce error. Also what is your project's angular package versions can you please share ?

Hi your question duplicated of

Hi, NativeBase theme only using in Open Source side. We've upgrade our theme to react-native-paper and suite is commercial side that's why it'll create with new theme. Please check:

Hi asingh,

We don't have proxy generation for React Native UI with ABP CLI. That's why we suggest that you can use api folder for your service request. You can use smilar request method in IdentityAPI.js or others.


//API.js (This file already exits under the api folder)
import axios from 'axios';
import { getEnvVars } from '../../Environment';

const { apiUrl } = getEnvVars();

const axiosInstance = axios.create({
  baseURL: apiUrl,
  withCredentials: false,

export default axiosInstance;

//ProductsAPI.js (Example API js file for service request)

import api from './API';

export const getProducts = () => api.get('/api/app/products').then(({ data }) => data.items);

Hi ed,

Is it same problem in here ?:

Hi again it's Hedgehog

Hi, this is all info about my emulator

Hi this is related with OpenIddict

you need to register your flutter app to OpenId in that way you can enable 2F auth.

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