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Thank you for the feedback.

I'll create internal issues.

To monitor an application, you need to add the following package to the application:

-> Package Name: Volo.Abp.Studio.Client.AspNetCore (version 0.6.2 or 0.6.3, according to the ABP Studio version installed) -> Module Name: AbpStudioClientAspNetCoreModule (namespace:Volo.Abp.Studio.Client.AspNetCore)



Hi @mrbrl

Manually removed the new Web Project by editing the .abpmdl and .abpsln files

You can do this operation on solution explorer (removing/adding projects). I guess somehow you have corrupted the .abpsln file.

After the initialization , the Solution Runner tree remains consistently empty.

Initialize Existing Solution comand doesn't create run profiles, thus you need to create a new solution profle and add the projects.

Additionally, microservice startup template generated by ABP Suite is completely different that the template generated by ABP Studio. (fyi)


This is still not supported. You can manually change the base class after code generation. (then you may need to create new migrations)


I've created a solution to test this. And Admin pages of CmsKit is present in menu. Can you provide any extra info to reprocude the issue?

Hi @rafael.gonzales

I've created an internal issue about this. Thank you for the feedback. The question credit is refunded.


@rashed Cms-Kit doesn't have an Admin UI for angular. It is planned in 7.4 milestone.


also when you check (CMS-kit) , it didn't add the module admin files to the application ( in admin ) although if you go to module tab in the suite you will find that the module already added to your solution

You can find the admin packages on page and add them manually. Choose ABP Commercial Packages & type to searchbox.

Hi @js1106

No, templates doesn't support if/else usage.

Hi @vishnu,

The problem is related with the DbMigrator project in your solution. Are you able to run it successfully before generating code with ABP Suite?

I am editing an existing entity

Have you made any breaking change in the edit, that may not be compatible with the current records in DB?

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